Hey guys, check out Oslo! They are the new side project of Gabe McNair, formerly of No Doubt. Their new album, The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate, is co-produced by Sam Fogarino of Interpol. It's an awesome album, so definitely give it a listen!


Polyphonic Spree in Brooklyn

Here are three videos I recorded. Hopefully this works.. never posted an entire playlist before.
anyway, there are three videos here. 1st is the intro, 2nd is when they came back out in robes during the encore, and finally the video you have to see is of their bassist Mark Pirro, giving a history lesson.

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The Polyphonice Spree

The video for "Running Away" is directed by Hal Samples and Julie Doyle. The video consists of over 70,000 individual pictures taken over a ten day period of the band on the road.

Their new release is called The Fragile Army, in stores on June 19, 2007 on TVT Records

Regina Spektor community

(read the rules... community promo is fine as long as it's music related, right? if not... delete it hehe)

Hey everyone! rid_of_her and I have just created a Regina Spektor community where you can "claim" her songs. It's brand new, so we don't have many members.

Check it out and join to claim your favorite Regina song!


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i got good feedback when i first posted about this band, so here's a video for anyone that would rather look at something happening on their screen more than just hearing it through the speakers:

let me know what you think.