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indie in tha hizzouse
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(we suck and we're busy)
If you're interested, please email saltycandy@gmail.com and Jacki will hook you up, yo.

#1 While Evanesence, GC, NFG and bands like that are considered rock, they are in no way, shape or form considered indie. This is a community for those who like music of the indie persuasion. Also, if you come on here and talk about how much you love John Mayer, we will kick you out. Don't think we will not feel compelled to tell you that your music in whole, or in part, sucks ass. If you cannot take the heat, then get yo ass out of the kitchen!

#2 Promoting other communities is fine, as long as it is done in moderation, and music related. We don't care if you are trying out for some half-assed rating community based around how fucking scenexcore you look. Have a rating community/non-music related community that you think that may actually interest some of us, and isn't the spawn of Satan? Then contact the mods on our elle jays or email Jacki (
___panik) at saltycandy@gmail.com. We prefer that you do the latter. Jacki is a huge lame-o who checks her email pretty often, so you'll probably get a quick response. She's not promising anything though.

#3 If you are to post picture or make a long post, use lj-cut. We will not have you messing up ours, or other members' friend pages. Some members of the community have a lot of friends and are members of a lot communities, and we don't need our friends page any long than it is. Also Jacki works very hard on the layouts, and she doesn't wish for you to fuck up her awesome own-your-face text boxes. Believe me you don't want to suffer her wrath, or Julianna's for the matter.

#4 If you like some awesome bands we will over look the fact that you may some not so appealing bands. This does not mean that because you like The Strokes that we will give you a free pass for liking tons of shitty bands. It does mean that we will let it slide that you like Dashboard Confessional. Actually we won't let it slide with out saying something, though. We will probably be asses about it, then let it slide. Some of us have jackass tendincies, and we must act on them. It's probably no offense to you (or maybe it is), but boredom and cynicism brings out the best and worst in us.

#5 Please, whatever you do use proper grammar. There is nothing we hate more than improper grammar. Homophones are a bitch we know, but how fucking hard is it to remember the difference between there, their, and they're? We don't care if you listen to the most indie/coolest bands in the world, if you type like an ass, we will think you're an ass.

#6 Though this rule is more than likely unnecessary, we are posting it anyway. You shouldn't type in sticky caps, SuCh As ThIs, nor should you replace letters with numbers. There is no reason for such idiotism. NOT. AT. ALL. We don't care if it doesn't take you any longer to type like a moron. Moron typing is meant for morons and since we are not morons, we don't want to read moron typing.

#7 If you have an issue with someone in the community, do not bring it here. Well, unless it's entertaining, because the mods love to see good ol' fashion insulting. Anything that is reminiscent of an episode of Maury would be considered entertaining. If your arguing is very elementary/preschool "I eat paste" like, then work out your problem on other grounds. We will not have you mucking up our boards with your unentertaining problems.

#8 If we have a problem with you or something you are doing we will contact you elsewhere. If you continue with whatever was so bothersome, then you will be off like a dirty shirt (Man, you have to love Duckie. Best brat pack movie character ever, even if Jon Cryer wasn't considered a member of the brat pack. Come to think of it, if you don't love Duckie and think Andie was right to choose Blain in Pretty in Pink, then you probably don't belong here).

#9 We are elitist and bitchy 98% of the time (the other 2% is more than likely when we are eating chocolate). Get over it. If you take to heart what people say over the internet, then you are a sad sad person, you need therapy, and are probably not a very productive member of society. Example of this: if you took to heart what I just said or if it hit too close to home.

#10 The rules were made for a reason. We will not have you shit all over them. It took me quite a while to write them/revise them. It would be great if you'd atleast follow them and not act like an asshat.

Most people who don't act stupid or like John Mayer (yes we do have a strong bias against him, just look at him when he sings. Ewww! If that whole "eyes closed and I just got hit in the head with a brick" look wasn't bad enough, his music is the worst) will not be kicked out. We know the rules sound harsh, but we don't want to take any chances. If you are part of the community and follow a few simple rules than we will have no problem whatsoever, and everything will be peachy-keen, and we will all float on rainbows, play Pretty Pretty Princess and move from place to place by riding on life size My Little Ponys.




indie_shit_head For the cool music!
white_heat_ For the cool people!
girl_boners For the hot boizz!

P.S. We know some of the bands listed under our interests are not considered indie, but they still own.

adam green, air, ambulance ltd, april march, arcade fire, art brut, at the drive-in, being elitist, being pretentious, belle and sebastian, ben kweller, ben lee, bikini kill, björk, bloc party, blur, bright eyes, british sea power, britpop, brmc, buzzcocks, cat power, clinic, conor oberst, cursive, damon albarn, dead kennedys, death cab for cutie, death from above 1979, desaparecidos, dresden dolls, edie sedgewick, elliott smith, emogame, erase errata, exploding dog, french kicks, fugazi, general public, graham coxon, gravy train!!!!, hope of the states, hot hot heat, icicle works, ima robot, indie, indie boys, indie kids, indie rock, interpol, inxs, jarvis cocker, jason schwartzman, jello biafra, jenny lewis, jets to brazil, john hughes, joy division, karen o, kathleen hanna, kleenex, le tigre, les savy fav, liliput, lou reed, magazine, mars volta, mates of state, melt banana, mirah, modest mouse, moving units, muse, music, my bloody valentine, new order, new york dolls, nick drake, nick valensi, nick zinner, nirvana, ozma, park ave, pavement, phantom planet, pj harvey, pulp, q and not u, radiohead, regina spektor, richard hell, rilo kiley, rufus wainwright, ryan adams, saddle creek, sloan, snow patrol, sondre lerche, sonic youth, sorry about dresdan, sparks, special needs, stellastarr*, stephen malkmus, supergrass, superheroes, ted leo rx, the and/ors, the beatles, the clash, the coral, the cure, the decemberists, the doves, the faint, the fall, the flaming lips, the go! team, the hidden cameras, the jam, the kills, the libertines, the moldy peaches, the pillows, the pixies, the postal service, the raincoats, the rapture, the shins, the stills, the stone roses, the stooges, the streets, the strokes, the style council, the unicorns, the velvet underground, the vines, the von bondies, the walkmen, tilly and the wall, tim kasher, toothpaste for dinner, vicious vicious, violent femmes, whirlwind heat, wilco, xiu xiu, yeah yeah yeahs, you am i